President Throws Down Smaller Gauntlet

June 17, 2010

Okay . . . so Johnnie O., Tigger and Dexter were out today.  Dexter chased a terrified squirrel up the backstop in the ballpark . . . this squirrel narrowly escaped with his life.

When Dexter is not out in the morning, this is Tigger’s job.  He didn’t get the squirrel today but he got a raven yesterday . . . nailed him.  On the way to Woodstock I think . . . the raven was either sick, stupid or arrogant, all potentially fatal.  There is a dent in the grill of Tigger’s new car, to commemorate this rare occurrence.

Oh yes . . . Skipper showed for coffee around 7:00a when we were all leaving. Sorry Steve.

So . . . on my run today, I was doing math in my head and talking to God.  Perhaps I was a bit over zealous when I put yesterday’s challenge at 20 times a month.  Today, . . . out of pure concern for the rest of you, I have decided to reduce the size of the gauntlet and suggest that our target should be . . . ummm . . . let me see . . . let’s say 16 times a month without prejudice to distance covered.

So that’s my final offer . . . unless my run/prayer time produces something additional tomorrow.


Throwing Down the Gauntlet

June 16, 2010

Starting July 1, I am throwing down the gauntlet as opposed to throwing in the towel. This year has held tremendous change, physical challenges and upheaval in my personal life. Running has been a lifeline for me over the years in many ways. The obvious benefits are physical. The not-so-obvious benefits . . . mental, social, spiritual, perspective, stress management . . . the list goes on.

Currently, I am unable to log any great amount of distance. I was doing the Math as I was waddling along yesterday. 5 times a week at an average of 3 miles per run would give me 780 miles in a year. That would be a great year for me at this stage of my life.

Here’s my challenge to the 6AM buddies. I’d like to challenge you to 20 times out in a month. I don’t care how far you run . . . just that you come out 20 times. If you fall behind in a given week, you can make it up here or there. Or that would be 240 times a year. You can miss 125 times a year and still be “bang on”.

So, . . . respond to this post brothers . . . let me know if you are in?? I’ll keep the stats and chase you for them if you become a bit delinquent in your reporting.

6AM Runner Meets Candace Sutherland

May 21, 2010

Our very own 6AM-er, representing the 6AM running club met with Candace Sutherland (the Across-Canada-Runner) recently.  He no doubt wished her well in her effort and let her know that the 6AM Runners support her!

Hector even managed to convince her to try on our hat – which I’d say makes her an honorary 6AM runner.  It’s almost like we’re right there with her running across our great land… you know – except we get to avoid all the hard work 🙂  Keep up the good work Candace – the 6AM Running Club is with you!

Running Accross Canada

May 14, 2010

Here is a note just sent to the 6AM Running group:

I am helping a Winnipeg teenage girl with her cross-Canada run. She will be in Fredericton this Saturday and Sunday. Here is her website:

Here are some recent articles written about Candace and her mission:

She and her uncle have a very low admin. account and they are just getting by.  The run has been in danger of coming to an end a few times.

Candace is on her 3rd (and last) pair of Asics runners since leaving St. John’s Newfoundland.  It will probably take between 10 and 15 pairs to cross Canada.

In any case, we are looking for a running club or group to get together and purchase 1 pair of runners for Candace to ensure that she gets another 500 miles or so further (after this pair is finished).

If you have any ideas or if you can pass this email to other running clubs, the Running Room, whatever, that would be appreciated.

I could arrange for Candace to meet with your club or any group while in Fredericton.


Pierre Gagné

Winnipeg, Manitoba


We have a practical opportunity to help another runner achieve this incredible feat.  Please contact President Karl Ingersoll if you’d like to participate in helping with the shoe cost.

1 Runner Confirmed Returning on 6AM Amnesty Day

March 12, 2010

March 15, 2010 marks the first-ever 6AM Runners Amnesty Day. And… this reporter is proud to say that our very first returning-runner is confirmed. No doubt countless others will attend (we hope).

We can only assume that a number of 6AMers are digging their sneakers out of the closet in preparation for their triumphant return.  Some are reporting that Johnny O is baking a special Amensty cake – however this cannot be confirmed at this point.

To aid in the mental preparation for our Returning-Runners we suggest you focus on the following things:

  • Set 2 alarms for Monday morning
  • Light supper on Sunday night and no dairy (George Filliter tip)
  • There will be a wide range of running speeds for Amnesty day….. so don’t worry about it
  • If you can’t run at all due to injury – make sure you show up to Phase II – Tims Coffee

hope this helps – see you on March 15 – 5:30AM Queen square.

Runner’s Etiquette

March 10, 2010

There’s a contradiction in terms . . . a paradox . . . ? One of the 30 yr. old freedoms that I enjoy as a 6AM runner is the freedom from behavioral expectations.

Many times I have reflected that my early morning, “not-so-polished” companions have been absolute angels of God, sent to keep me sane in the otherwise periodically maddening world of pastoral ministry. Every once in a while I realize that I haven’t shifted out of “Rev.” and then one of my buddies brings me back to early morning reality.

They don’t look so good in the morning. They don’t smell so good. They rarely say, “Excuse me . . . “. There is absolutely no sympathy to be had and quickly a fledgling 6AM’er surrenders this expectation to the therapeutic value of learning to laugh at oneself as opposed to feeling sorry for the same.

The refreshing thing is that they are REAL!

In the early morning pre-dawn hours before the world puts its masks in place, no one expects or wants anything else.

One thing that I am struggling with these days is the “No man runs alone.” thing. As I have tried to regain my slow status, I want to run alone.

Now this is one of those few “polite” gestures that we offer to people who want to start running. I think the intent is good and the sentiment . . . so lusciously thoughtful.

But . . .

leave me alone . . . please. I’ll meet you at coffee. The new motto of the aging group. “The 6AM Runners . . . where running is optional and coffee is mandatory.” This of course replaces the old one for those of us over 50. The old one was: “The 6AM Runners . . . not too slow . . . not to fast. Half fast!” Say it fast and let me know when you get it. So these days I am a half fast runner dedicated to coffee or tea in my case.

I really do love you guys. but I know what happens to people who get lured into a good “Tigger Tale”. I have seen too many people verbally dragged over the dark streets, trying to keep up with one of his addictive narratives that has little to no sense to it at all. The only one of the group who can tell a better story with no point at all is Gimli and he is on the “half fast” list right now as well.

Could someone else help me to develop our list of protocols?


PS . . . there is a non polite origin to this nickname that has earned me my uncontested place at the back of the pack.

Time to Begin…. Again

March 8, 2010

6AM Runners Announcement. This is big…