Cautiously Optimistic

August 5, 2018

ACD9BBCF-B895-4F75-A7E8-E7E6EB6D71C4I am nearly two months into a renewed attempt to return to running. It is a 3-day per week attempt in which I am exercising more caution than anything else. My Achilles’ tendon seems to be the ultimate determinant in my success or failure. I have learned to respect and surrender to it.

So the summation of it is that I coach myself through every run by saying, “I’ll do what I can, gratefully.”  My course is a 3.4 km. coastal boardwalk here on Grand Manan Island.  It is an out and back route that keeps me off road and in an absolutely beautiful environment.  I rarely meet another person or runner.

My plan is to not alter my distance for st least three months, perhaps longer.  Since beginning I have taken 2 minutes off my time consistently and 4 minutes at a best attempt.  My first goal will be to reach a consistent time of 25 minutes for the run. Hopefully this will see me well into the re-establishment of a routine and a safer place with the AT.

It would escape most people as to why I have not been able to put this to rest but running has brought me good friends, sanity in some of the most stressful years of my life and a deeper experience spiritually.

So this is merely a hopeful status update.  Most all the 6AM’ers are in their sixties by now and many still running.

If any of you have insight, articles or books on running in your sixth decade, please share them with me.



Half Way Plus

September 5, 2016

I’ve been away from running for nearly six years but I have never been able to lay the habit to rest.  I have had bouts of enthusiasm when I nearly resumed my routine but they passed without incident. 

In mid July I bought an app that provided voice coaching, a 3-day/wk. schedule and humbled myself to jump in as a beginner.  Nearly seven week later, I am feeling progress and not about to quit. 

One of the main reasons that I wanted to return to running was the sanity factor.  I have never been healthier mentally than I was when this was an entrenched part of my daily routine.  I feel this again and it is my primary motivation.  

The early island mornings are incredible, the sound of the surf, so far eclipsed by my labored breathing, the solitude and unspoken prayers, the hope that I may reclaim something that I should never have set aside … these are wonderful things.  

I miss my running buddies. 

I found another walker friend who is an incredible person. 

So this is just a status update for any interested persons. My mind goes to many severely disadvantaged people who face formidable odds to accomplish the impossible.  My quest is nothing by comparison. 

One Day In A Row …

April 14, 2012

ImageIt’s been just shy of a year since I last ran.  This morning I logged one day in a row in what might be a last-ditch attempt to run again.  

My litany of excuses is exhaustive … chronic injury … atrial fibrillation … painful life transition … and I could go on.  I have nowhere near the right to complain that some do.  And those whose obstacles dwarf my excuses still press on.  I think that this is what I admire most and what has been the predominant learning over 31 years of running … no matter what, you keep on going toward the finish line.

My soul cries for the regularity of this experience even more than my body.  There is a life-framing that takes place when the mind and heart rule the body.  When the body is master, life becomes a sluggish bi-product to self-destructive behaviors, whims, addictions.  The pursuit of pleasure is one that turns sour in the end and brings regret as the birthdays stack up.

I am by heart and passion a follower of Christ.  I don’t do it well and I am at peace with my imperfection in all areas of life.  Calling myself a runner does not imply that I am an elite athlete and calling myself a Christian does not imply that I am without blemish or inconsistency.  You don’t have to be an elite anything to be passionate about life.  The “least of runners” can enjoy the sport as much as the “chief of runners”.  So, for me, the least of Christ-followers, I enjoy the process of putting one foot ahead of the other and trying to keep Him in sight.

Inside of my heart, today, there is the flicker of hope that showing up and doing whatever I can that brings me to my limits … pushing the wall farther and farther from the starting line … this ultimately benefits me in many ways.  It makes me see life differently.  It changes my perspective on relationships.  I learn to breathe deeply rather than the shallow stressed breaths that a non-intentional life serves us.

So for any others who have one day in a row under your belts … way to go!  Let’s try it again tomorrow.


It’s the BYOM 6AM Runners BBQ – you’ll want to be there…

July 18, 2011

Sunday July 24th at 6PM – and Hector’s House.  Bring your appetites and meat 🙂

If you think you can come – please post a comment below…

6AMers do Mirimichi Half Marathon

July 13, 2010

We interview Layton Ford, one of the 6AM Runners that participated in the 2010 Mirimichi Half Marathon. Good job gentlemen…

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

June 16, 2010

Starting July 1, I am throwing down the gauntlet as opposed to throwing in the towel. This year has held tremendous change, physical challenges and upheaval in my personal life. Running has been a lifeline for me over the years in many ways. The obvious benefits are physical. The not-so-obvious benefits . . . mental, social, spiritual, perspective, stress management . . . the list goes on.

Currently, I am unable to log any great amount of distance. I was doing the Math as I was waddling along yesterday. 5 times a week at an average of 3 miles per run would give me 780 miles in a year. That would be a great year for me at this stage of my life.

Here’s my challenge to the 6AM buddies. I’d like to challenge you to 20 times out in a month. I don’t care how far you run . . . just that you come out 20 times. If you fall behind in a given week, you can make it up here or there. Or that would be 240 times a year. You can miss 125 times a year and still be “bang on”.

So, . . . respond to this post brothers . . . let me know if you are in?? I’ll keep the stats and chase you for them if you become a bit delinquent in your reporting.

6AM Runner Meets Candace Sutherland

May 21, 2010

Our very own 6AM-er, representing the 6AM running club met with Candace Sutherland (the Across-Canada-Runner) recently.  He no doubt wished her well in her effort and let her know that the 6AM Runners support her!

Hector even managed to convince her to try on our hat – which I’d say makes her an honorary 6AM runner.  It’s almost like we’re right there with her running across our great land… you know – except we get to avoid all the hard work 🙂  Keep up the good work Candace – the 6AM Running Club is with you!