Know when to hold em’, know when to fold em’

August 22, 2011

No more holdin’ or foldin’ – the Dealer is back!   Mr. Fenerty made his long-awaited return,after a serious bout with foot-problems, with much fan-fare and a great run.  Welcome back Shawn!


President Throws Down “Last-Ditch” Gauntlet

June 19, 2010

Okay . . . most of us are in our 50’s.  I know that in the last 3 years I have actually felt my age and perhaps a couple more.  Tigger remains timeless, showing virtually no sign of accumulating birthdays.  Skipper doesn’t have a joint on his body that is pain free.  Gimli . . . well he has a Harley and a goatee to match . . . looks pretty good too.  Does anyone know if Gringo has entered his fifth decade?  I do know that the Argentinian training program is terminal for most of us especially seeing its effect on the one who developed it.

There are some younger ones . . . yes.  The kids and the kids, aside from Ruperts commitment aversion, seem fairly good with the last reduction in the President’s Challenge.  And maybe in reality, this is simply a dose of 50 + years of reality hitting hard.  I don’t know.


I am prepared to throw down one last effort at making the PC palatable to all of you old farts.  The young bucks can do this with ease and perhaps inspire the rest of us to reach a bit farther as well.

  • Whereas these and other circumstances constitute the current reality of an aging runner’s club;
  • Whereas there seems to be a general lack of grass roots response to the 1st and 2nd readings of the President’s Challenge;
  • Whereas the cost of the Gulf Coast clean up will likely impact our gas prices adversely . . . at some point;
  • Whereas the early morning noise of socks being pulled up over hairy legs, is a sleep deterrent to at least one of the wives of the 6AM’ers;
  • Whereas, coming to coffee dressed up like you ran, actually constitutes a run equal to half of what you would have run . . . if you had actually run;
  • Whereas coming late and leaving early, although unverifiable, also constitutes a 1 count in the monthly totals;
  • Whereas coming to St. Timothy’s, in and around the time that runners would converge on our early morning edifice, is important for the health and longevity of the group;
  • Whereas the motto of the group has recently changed from, “6AM Runners . . . not to fast . . . not to slow . . . half fast.” . . . to . . . “6AM Runners . . . running is optional and coffee is mandatory.”;
  • Whereas, the President, in life transition and exodus from pastoral ministry, has a little more time to waste on this kind of stupid stuff;

Be it therefore resolved once more that the President’s Challenge be further reduced to 12 times* a month.

Now if any of you continue to struggle with this, let’s just pretend that it is going to work for  you.  Pick up the oven mitt that I have thrown down and in the spirit of all that is feminine, rise to this “not-real-challenging” challenge.

I love you . . .

May God bless us every one . . .

President Warthog

*12 times a month is the reasonable suggestion of Johnnie O

President Throws Down Smaller Gauntlet

June 17, 2010

Okay . . . so Johnnie O., Tigger and Dexter were out today.  Dexter chased a terrified squirrel up the backstop in the ballpark . . . this squirrel narrowly escaped with his life.

When Dexter is not out in the morning, this is Tigger’s job.  He didn’t get the squirrel today but he got a raven yesterday . . . nailed him.  On the way to Woodstock I think . . . the raven was either sick, stupid or arrogant, all potentially fatal.  There is a dent in the grill of Tigger’s new car, to commemorate this rare occurrence.

Oh yes . . . Skipper showed for coffee around 7:00a when we were all leaving. Sorry Steve.

So . . . on my run today, I was doing math in my head and talking to God.  Perhaps I was a bit over zealous when I put yesterday’s challenge at 20 times a month.  Today, . . . out of pure concern for the rest of you, I have decided to reduce the size of the gauntlet and suggest that our target should be . . . ummm . . . let me see . . . let’s say 16 times a month without prejudice to distance covered.

So that’s my final offer . . . unless my run/prayer time produces something additional tomorrow.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

June 16, 2010

Starting July 1, I am throwing down the gauntlet as opposed to throwing in the towel. This year has held tremendous change, physical challenges and upheaval in my personal life. Running has been a lifeline for me over the years in many ways. The obvious benefits are physical. The not-so-obvious benefits . . . mental, social, spiritual, perspective, stress management . . . the list goes on.

Currently, I am unable to log any great amount of distance. I was doing the Math as I was waddling along yesterday. 5 times a week at an average of 3 miles per run would give me 780 miles in a year. That would be a great year for me at this stage of my life.

Here’s my challenge to the 6AM buddies. I’d like to challenge you to 20 times out in a month. I don’t care how far you run . . . just that you come out 20 times. If you fall behind in a given week, you can make it up here or there. Or that would be 240 times a year. You can miss 125 times a year and still be “bang on”.

So, . . . respond to this post brothers . . . let me know if you are in?? I’ll keep the stats and chase you for them if you become a bit delinquent in your reporting.

Half Marathon Runners High…

July 7, 2009

A lot of stuff happened at the Mirimachi Half Marathon. Here’s the quick summary:

2 – Vomits
1 – low blood sugar
1 – Ambulance visit
1 – sore back
4 – achy knees
1 Runners Euphoria (see video below)

2008 Runner of the Year

February 4, 2009

joel n737383511_198502_15863


Here at we have undergone an exhaustive process in selecting the 2008 6AM Runner of the Year.  After much analysis, calculation, re-calculation, and discussion the conclusion was reached that there would be a tie.    And so… Joel Lapointe and Layton Ford have both won the prestigious title of 6AM Runner of the Year.

We took into account many factors including:

  • Consistency
  • Overall Attitude
  • Running Ability
  • Coffee Attendance
  • Running Knowledge

There were other runners that were close to this ultimate prize, but fell just short.   Please join me in congratulating 2 of our finest runners!

Patrick, VP Communication 6AMRunners

Presidential Return

October 1, 2008

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Back! Yes that’s right 6AM Runners President Karl Ingersoll made his triumphant returning to running the streets of Fredericton today. Arriving slightly after 5:30 to Queens Square – Ingersoll ran a successful 3 mile route. After the run, we (some of the other 6AM Runners) sat down and talked to Karl about his comeback. Here’s a paraphrased excerpt of that conversation.

Karl: Hey, I ran today
Patrick: really?
Karl: Yep
Patrick: That’s great, how’d it go?
Karl: Much better than I thought – I thought it was going to be awful
Patrick: Well that’s the good thing about having low expectations – you are rarely disappointed.
Stephen: Mmmmmm, good theory – good way to keep yourself happy.
Joel: Karl, did you know that you are one of my favorite people…
Karl: Really?
Stephen: Ahhhhh, so what are we?
Joel: Well, er……
Stephen: Too Late!
Stephen: So the run went ok?
Karl: I was dreading it, but it went fine… i went 3 miles.
Patrick: 3 miles really?
Karl: Yep
Patrick: That’s longer than you planned on going isn’t it?
Karl: Yes, yes…

For the entire fascinating conversation… you must attend coffee at Tim Horton’s at 6:30am