Cautiously Optimistic

ACD9BBCF-B895-4F75-A7E8-E7E6EB6D71C4I am nearly two months into a renewed attempt to return to running. It is a 3-day per week attempt in which I am exercising more caution than anything else. My Achilles’ tendon seems to be the ultimate determinant in my success or failure. I have learned to respect and surrender to it.

So the summation of it is that I coach myself through every run by saying, “I’ll do what I can, gratefully.”  My course is a 3.4 km. coastal boardwalk here on Grand Manan Island.  It is an out and back route that keeps me off road and in an absolutely beautiful environment.  I rarely meet another person or runner.

My plan is to not alter my distance for st least three months, perhaps longer.  Since beginning I have taken 2 minutes off my time consistently and 4 minutes at a best attempt.  My first goal will be to reach a consistent time of 25 minutes for the run. Hopefully this will see me well into the re-establishment of a routine and a safer place with the AT.

It would escape most people as to why I have not been able to put this to rest but running has brought me good friends, sanity in some of the most stressful years of my life and a deeper experience spiritually.

So this is merely a hopeful status update.  Most all the 6AM’ers are in their sixties by now and many still running.

If any of you have insight, articles or books on running in your sixth decade, please share them with me.



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