Half Way Plus

September 5, 2016

I’ve been away from running for nearly six years but I have never been able to lay the habit to rest.  I have had bouts of enthusiasm when I nearly resumed my routine but they passed without incident. 

In mid July I bought an app that provided voice coaching, a 3-day/wk. schedule and humbled myself to jump in as a beginner.  Nearly seven week later, I am feeling progress and not about to quit. 

One of the main reasons that I wanted to return to running was the sanity factor.  I have never been healthier mentally than I was when this was an entrenched part of my daily routine.  I feel this again and it is my primary motivation.  

The early island mornings are incredible, the sound of the surf, so far eclipsed by my labored breathing, the solitude and unspoken prayers, the hope that I may reclaim something that I should never have set aside … these are wonderful things.  

I miss my running buddies. 

I found another walker friend who is an incredible person. 

So this is just a status update for any interested persons. My mind goes to many severely disadvantaged people who face formidable odds to accomplish the impossible.  My quest is nothing by comparison.