President Throws Down Smaller Gauntlet

Okay . . . so Johnnie O., Tigger and Dexter were out today.  Dexter chased a terrified squirrel up the backstop in the ballpark . . . this squirrel narrowly escaped with his life.

When Dexter is not out in the morning, this is Tigger’s job.  He didn’t get the squirrel today but he got a raven yesterday . . . nailed him.  On the way to Woodstock I think . . . the raven was either sick, stupid or arrogant, all potentially fatal.  There is a dent in the grill of Tigger’s new car, to commemorate this rare occurrence.

Oh yes . . . Skipper showed for coffee around 7:00a when we were all leaving. Sorry Steve.

So . . . on my run today, I was doing math in my head and talking to God.  Perhaps I was a bit over zealous when I put yesterday’s challenge at 20 times a month.  Today, . . . out of pure concern for the rest of you, I have decided to reduce the size of the gauntlet and suggest that our target should be . . . ummm . . . let me see . . . let’s say 16 times a month without prejudice to distance covered.

So that’s my final offer . . . unless my run/prayer time produces something additional tomorrow.


4 Responses to President Throws Down Smaller Gauntlet

  1. Pat says:

    I love what your doing here Karl… let me suggest you cover the issues of vacation time & sickness in your prayer tomorrow. Or perhaps that’s already covered in your the #16 runs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah yes the Raven!!Dumb and DEAD Stupid! Great name for my new car “Fusion”, that stuck to the south end of that north bound raven and then he exploded like he had eaten a massive amount of chili the night before.
    As for the squirrel I think he was from the First Subconcious Church….with a wee dinger looming somewhere! My closest catch was a Mallard duck but I couldn’t take flight!
    Hats off to Dexter!

  3. Rupert says:

    This is a great initiative, but I am by nature afraid of commitment 🙂 I will TRY to run more often and HOPE to see more of you guys in coming days.
    Today’s status report from my point of view:
    I was running this morning! Arrived late, short distance, felt pretty good. I saw the Dealer after running, and the Raven Slayer at the gym later. I saw the cars of El Presidente and Rain Man. I didn’t make it to coffee.

  4. Johnny O says:

    So sixteen times a month is 4 times a week. Right now I am at 2 times a week.. Not close. Dexter does need the extra work.. as do I. Three times a week would be doable. Can I commit to 12 times a month?

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