1 Runner Confirmed Returning on 6AM Amnesty Day

March 15, 2010 marks the first-ever 6AM Runners Amnesty Day. And… this reporter is proud to say that our very first returning-runner is confirmed. No doubt countless others will attend (we hope).

We can only assume that a number of 6AMers are digging their sneakers out of the closet in preparation for their triumphant return.  Some are reporting that Johnny O is baking a special Amensty cake – however this cannot be confirmed at this point.

To aid in the mental preparation for our Returning-Runners we suggest you focus on the following things:

  • Set 2 alarms for Monday morning
  • Light supper on Sunday night and no dairy (George Filliter tip)
  • There will be a wide range of running speeds for Amnesty day….. so don’t worry about it
  • If you can’t run at all due to injury – make sure you show up to Phase II – Tims Coffee

hope this helps – see you on March 15 – 5:30AM Queen square.


3 Responses to 1 Runner Confirmed Returning on 6AM Amnesty Day

  1. pumbinator says:

    Also you might want to bring a parasol.

  2. joel says:

    As one formerly-sculpted, turned actor, turned politician once said: “I’ll be back”.

  3. che says:

    I never left 🙂 I donotknow why my pic is there :):)

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