Time to Begin…. Again

6AM Runners Announcement. This is big…


5 Responses to Time to Begin…. Again

  1. pumbinator says:

    A spectacularly conciliatory announcement by the Prince of all Communication VP’s. I have two days in this week already . . . just to prepare for Amnesty Day . . .

  2. Pat says:

    I hope all the Runners will show up – even the regulars to welcome back our “lost” brothers

  3. Skipper says:

    For all those who need amnesty, lets start with a definition
    Amnesty, a reason to give a so called runner a break..you know the guy who lost a fight with a pillow a ended up rolling back to sleep.

    Yes we feel sorry for those who did not have the strength to be victorious over a bag of feathers or a pile of orthopedically correct foam. So instead of dismissing your lame excuses and saying your weak, the VP of Comms, who himself requires amnesty, has blessed you with forgiveness. But will he even be there to bestow this honour on you…chances are no..Why, because his pillow will win the battle again

  4. David G says:

    I did show up for amnesty day and have shown up a couple of times since. I am having a planters wart removed and it has been painful to run. I am trying to use the treadmill as I train to be a short distance runner. I am up to 7 minutes now and will keep trying till I get to 10 minutes. this should only take about a year or two.

    Ha HA Ha.

    David G.

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