PODCAST # 8 – 6AM Runners


CLICK HERE to WATCH the 6AM Runners Podcast

starting live on Tuesday, Feb 2 at 8:00pm (atlantic time)


Listen via audio-only stream (ideal for dial-up internet)


–On the Podcast we will be attempting to cover the following–

– Running sneakers & gear including spandex (it’s just wrong)
– The mind and how it acts during a half or full marathon
– Our Poll – Cold weather running
– What to eat the day/night before running
– Solo Running – is it ever a good idea?
– The best training tips/techniques
– Is running a “manly” sport
– Gatorade actually better than water?
– Running “emergencies”
– The laces make all the difference…
– Is running with music cheating?
– and so much more
and your calls (assuming our system holds up)


Call-in Number: (646) 595-4971


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