6AM 2009 Runner of the Year is…


Congratulations to the new 6AM Runner of the Year.  2009 marked a great year for Mr. Wight, also know as SKIPPER.  Consistent running, courageous half-marathons, battling a major shoulder injury and a social juggernaut  – Wight’s performance this year in the 6AM Running group could not be missed.

It’s nice to know that this award will be received with grace and the glory that comes with it will in no way be abused.  Some might worry that a prize like this could go to one’s head and bring about certain attitudes & taunting that would be most unfortunate.  Fortunately, we know that would never happen with Stephen Skipper Wight.  Please join me in congratulating this well deserving recipient.


4 Responses to 6AM 2009 Runner of the Year is…

  1. Tigger says:

    Congrats Skipper!!! Very Deserving

  2. Dealer says:

    Way to go Skipper. Your one terrific buddy to run with. Very well done

  3. Gimli says:

    And to think I knew him when he started running.err coffee….
    He has been an inspiration to me and others…especially at the LuLu Lemon’s store in Ottawa…(oops sri Stevie ;))…
    Well done…looking forward to our 2010 Qttawa training programme (Argentinian technique again this year?)
    Best 2010
    The Gimli

  4. Johnny O says:

    Hello Steve Wight>

    i would like to congradulate Steven on a well deserved win. I would have been disappointed if anyone else had of won because Steve had it hands down. Especially when he was ahead of us faster runners, Steve would never let us pass. He can speed it up when he wants to. Great job Steve!!

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