Unidentified 6AM Runners

January 21, 2010

Two rather odd 6AM Runners were spotted last week in the wild — well at Tim Hortons to be exact.  Although there is no official name for this type of runner… they are believed to be related to the Ewok family.   If you spot one, don’t attempt to make contact, and DO NOT touch their belly no matter how much they insist.


2009 Runner of the Year Accepts Award

January 12, 2010

6AM 2009 Runner of the Year is…

January 8, 2010


Congratulations to the new 6AM Runner of the Year.  2009 marked a great year for Mr. Wight, also know as SKIPPER.  Consistent running, courageous half-marathons, battling a major shoulder injury and a social juggernaut  – Wight’s performance this year in the 6AM Running group could not be missed.

It’s nice to know that this award will be received with grace and the glory that comes with it will in no way be abused.  Some might worry that a prize like this could go to one’s head and bring about certain attitudes & taunting that would be most unfortunate.  Fortunately, we know that would never happen with Stephen Skipper Wight.  Please join me in congratulating this well deserving recipient.

Annoucing The 6AM Runner of the Year Annoucement

January 7, 2010

That’s right – it’s almost here.   Before the end of this week, we will be announcing the Runner of the Year.  After pain-staking analysis and deliberation, the super-secret Runner-of-the-Year Committee has all but reached their decision as to who will be name the 2009 6AM Runner of the Year.

Taking into consideration attendance, running ability, group-motivation, and much more… the question we’re all dying to know the answer to will be answered – and a 6AMer will take their place as the 2009 Running Icon.