6AM 2009 -Runner of the Year- Nominations

As we near the end of 2009, and look forward to a new decade of running….. we must first look back. As they say if you don’t know where you come from then your bound to repeat it… errr, no wait, if you don’t know your history you won’t know where your going – ummmm… that is to say….. OK – so I’m not great with words!

Let’s just get to the point, without hesitation, or any further delay, of any kind, whatsoever: THE 2009 6AM RUNNER OF THE YEAR NOMINATIONS are now open. Although we cannot reveal the exact formula that decides the “6AM runner of the year”, I’m sure you can imagine what we’re looking for. Last Year’s co-winners Layton Ford & Joel Lapointe have served the 6AMers well this year, and will no doubt be considered again for 2009.

So, please post your nominations and/or thoughts in the comments section of this post, and soon, we will have a winner.

thank you,
Patrick D
6AM Runners VP Communications


9 Responses to 6AM 2009 -Runner of the Year- Nominations

  1. Joel LaPointe says:

    Not sure if we are limited to one nimination per person as I haven’t had a chance to read the by-laws (because I don’t have a copy of them); however, I submit the following names for the selection committee’s consideration: Dexter “O”, Johnnie “O” and Reuben Deil.

  2. Skipper says:

    shouldn’t we consider someone who has run more then 1 marathon (half) and shows up at Tims and running regularly…lets thats not Pat, Johnny O, Tim, Hector, hmmm leaves Layton, Sean, Skipper and Karl…I have no shame voted for Skipper future Mayor of New Maryland. by voting for Skipper Your Heart is in the Wight Place…nice link to the Plasyboy Covers…hmmmm

  3. Nationally Committed to Those Who Run says:

    Skipper voted
    Four Stars …..Longest Runner

    By the Miramichi Marathon Club

    Skipper voted The Biggest Runner By the Biggest Loser Club

    Something that has to be seen to be Believed…Time Warner

    Devoted Athlete who has an unbelievable training schedule GF…
    Always willing to let others lead…. National Post

    Entertainer of the Year and Best Super Bowl Party… THE DAILY GLEANER 2009

    “SKIPPER could be the ONE ..The Runner of The YEAR “ Association of those Desperate to Find Something to DO

  4. Pat says:

    Campaigning for a winner is allowed as you can see…

  5. I’m voting for Johnnie O

  6. |Goldeen Sneaker Award says:

    Skipper….Winner of the Most Abused Sneaker Award third year in a row
    4 stars for Most inadequate TV system ….JOHNNY O
    Association of Loners Voted Lone Wolf of the Pack 2009 … Skipper
    5 Stars …. Association for the Blind…. Best Golf Outfit put on in the Dark….JohnnyO
    Always has one foot in front of the Other …Skipper… Walking Association
    Skipper First to Start ..Last to finish…..Association for Never knows when to quit

    SKIPPER ….. the best other choice for runner of the year… Golden Sneaker Awards

  7. Pat says:

    Hurry, Hurry – get your nominations in! We have received some here on the comments board, and others by email.

  8. Johnny O says:

    My thoughts:

    Is theback is just a popularity contest or is there some criteria? I say the following knowns are true. Comeback runner of the year award is Karl.
    Rookie of the Year: Rubeun.
    Skydiver of the Year. Brian the lion hearted.
    Most coffee consumed at Tims~ Steve
    New father of the year award and still running~ Pat
    Marathon Mentor of the year~ Hector
    Most miles run in another city other than Fredericton~Layton.Most miles run~ Layton
    Newbee Award David G\
    Newlywed Runner of the year and still running~ Shawn
    Most guest appearences~Jeff L
    Establishment visited to be avoided award~ Joel lends us his excitement. Joel
    New Granddaddy of the year award Tim
    Most likely to replace Oprah and take on Dr. Phil Award. David Clark
    Most likely to succeed Ansel Adams Award.
    Most loveable mascot of the year. Poindexter

    Johnny O

  9. Rupert says:

    Thanks for the nominations guys. You are a supportive and encouraging bunch!
    Another one to consider:
    Highest campaign spending: Steve Wight.

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