Runners Report (by Steve W – an essay)

It is that time of year once again when the cold weather drives the 6 Amers out for a run. After a summer of high temperatures and few participants the boys are ready to train for our spring marathon. Do not forget the 6Am Christmas Runners Party is Sat Dec 5 at 6 pm at Skipper’s House. So if you have gotten up at that ungodly hour of 5 am and hit the trails with the boys, then you are invited.

In saying all that I expect to see some old and familiar faces creeping out of the wood work over the next few weeks. One would Be George F who will no doubt show up one morning before the 5 Dec and provide us with his infinite knowledge of running so he can attend. Yes George if you do not make it out by 5 Dec you can come and receive your gift especially if it means we skip the tips on how to prepare for a marathon.

We are in mourning for a fellow runner, not that he passed away, but he lost his socks and has not been out for a while. Rumour has it he has been working elsewhere, and can not make it out for the run. Like George he will be out just to meet the deadline for the party. Maybe he will walk the walk instead of talking the walk.

Who is this new guy anyway? I heard through the grape vine that he was testing the market to find the best running in Freddy. News flash if you stick with us you bound to crash, and there is no stimulus package here to bail you out. May your nickname could be Joker because any info on the current stock market would be a good laugh…. Or the Green Hornet ( that has nothing to do with your current running pace by the way) because any investment in the market is bound to sting you where it hurts. Welcome to the club.

If you have been out lately you might have noticed a refreshing face on the run. It has been so long since Mr Sherlywood has run. We were lucky he even remembered where we meet. He grand disappearance from the Ottawa trip was noted. It must have been the rigorous training regime for the marathon that those that attended maintained that wore him out.

Speaking of things not to do before you run a half marathon

1. travel to Ottawa with the four amigos
2. eat lemons before the run
3. drink lots of liquids
4. run the fast 10k you have ever run the day before
5. follow directions from Hector
6. Let Sean drive. No worries about backseat drivers, there to busy saying prayers for their safety
7. run more Kms in two days then you have run in a month.



4 Responses to Runners Report (by Steve W – an essay)

  1. David G says:

    Thanks for not poking fun of my job, I get enough of that at work. I don’t feel I am a true runner yet as I still walk more than I run but I am slowly building up my running distance between walks.

  2. David G says:

    Check out my web sight:

  3. David G says:

    I just want to say than you to all those who showed up to run with me Last Saturday the 14th and today the 19th. Local Singer Richard Paul sings a song called (Where are you) the really sums it it See

    All the best.

    David Gorveatte

  4. David G says:

    OOPS I had a typo!
    It should have read I just want to say than you to all those who showed up to run with me Last Saturday the 14th and today the 19th. Local Singer Richard Paul sings a song called (He understands) that really sums it up. See

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