New Runner finds the 6AM Runners


Whether David likes it or not he’s been adopted by the 6AM Runners. Out 3 times in his first week David Gorveatte is in! Showing great attitude and a willingness to tolerate the “silliness” of the 6AMers. Dave has already started “gearing up”. In fact an unnamed source tells that he is considering purchasing some spandex. Dave… please don’t go down that road – we’ve lost so many runners already.


3 Responses to New Runner finds the 6AM Runners

  1. I am still not sure about this spandex thing! I will wait and see. My bulky chassie is not built for spandex but time will tell. I am slowly getting up to be able to run more than I walk and I have been told that in time I will be able to tollerate the cold and the pain. I hope so for my staying power will be directly correlated to the amount of pain I can endure. Thanks for the welcome and I will try to keep running.

    David G.

  2. hhahahha my dad is the best. go dad.

  3. 6amrunners says:

    Wow – good support Dave….

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