Hole in the O-Zone?

Well after after being one of the strongest runners of 2008, boasting a great attendance record for 2009, and recently having a tremendous showing at the Mirimachi Half-Marathon – it looks like there’s now a crack in the Johnny Otteson Armour.

With only weeks before the big Army run, John – who was to be one of the 6AM Runners representatives has now “unofficially” placed himself on the DL. One can only wonder what impact this will have for the morale of the group heading to Ottawa.

Some (anonymous) sources suggest that Otteson may have other motives for pulling out of the run. One source even went as far as to say “he’s a faker!”.


5 Responses to Hole in the O-Zone?

  1. John Otteson says:

    Oh Patrick:

    I am attempting a comeback that includes the army run as my goal. I can’t say it will happen. I will actively pursue this as a goal by hitting the bricks. I didn’t just want to complete the race by do a sub two hour run. This looks elusive right now so I might want to run when I have a better chance.

    What are your running goals these days?

  2. pumbinator says:

    One of the great benefits of uniting with a running group is to find sympathy and compassion from your peers as the mileage increases. We are like most everything else when it comes to mileage. Age begins to show through, things droop and sag, there are noises that never used to be there. Squeaks, rattles, shaking, burned out dash indicators . . . we talk more about the litany of shared injury experiences and the new medications that we are on. I show up many mornings praying for a downpour of rain so that I can count the effort alone as a kilometer or two in the log book. It is noteworthy that the earlier blog reflections happened to be written by one of the younger members of the group. But whatever the case, . . . whatever the impediment or injury, . . whatever the reason for my absence, I am greeted with deep concern, compassion and sympathy when I show up for coffee smelling as fresh as a daisy . . . NOT!!!!!!! You had better not bleed around a 6AM’er! They apply pressure to the wound but not to stop the bleeding . . . to squeeze more blood out and to create more pain. Well Johnnie O. – I want you to know that I understand. We had a great walk/run today . . . didn’t we? Even the “impervious-to-pain” Tigger walked with us a bit. Despite the fact that his “check-engine” light is burned out, he slowed down . . . walked and talked with us. So anyway . . . for some strange reason, I wouldn’t change this group of friends for anything. They have helped me in so many ways to face life as it comes. None of know what tomorrow will bring . . . we are guaranteed nothing. Life is . . . well . . . life. God on the other hand is good. Good to see us through trials and adversity and to give us the presence of others who keep pace with each faltering step that we take. Gotta’ love it!

  3. George Filliter says:

    Johnny O, I am in pain with you as I am struggling to recover from a double injury. My arseritis (not arthritis) and hamstring on my right leg just do not seem to want to cooperate. My answer to pain is MORE PAIN. Not from running, but, from the hands and elbows of a massage therapist. My recommendation is call John Berube, tell him that I suggested you see him, Tigger can vouch for his effectiveness, His number is 449-2283 or email him at johnbrmt@rogers.com. I will assure you that you will not like the treatment, but the the result is amazing.

  4. Johnny O says:

    I am back. PS Your Giants suck! Eagles all the way Brother!

  5. Johnny O says:

    This last message was for Patrick. See you at 5:30 AM,

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