2008 Runner of the Year

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Here at 6AMRunners.com we have undergone an exhaustive process in selecting the 2008 6AM Runner of the Year.  After much analysis, calculation, re-calculation, and discussion the conclusion was reached that there would be a tie.    And so… Joel Lapointe and Layton Ford have both won the prestigious title of 6AM Runner of the Year.

We took into account many factors including:

  • Consistency
  • Overall Attitude
  • Running Ability
  • Coffee Attendance
  • Running Knowledge

There were other runners that were close to this ultimate prize, but fell just short.   Please join me in congratulating 2 of our finest runners!

Patrick, VP Communication 6AMRunners


11 Responses to 2008 Runner of the Year

  1. George says:

    Great choice. If I wanted to learn how to run, with their knowledge base I am certain that I would, that is assuming that I could keep up with them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am very flattered and also very honoured to co accept this award with such a fine gentleman runner and song artist.
    Thanks to all

  3. Johnny O says:

    I concur , great choices men. Did the fellow runners that just fell short, did they fall short by half a point? This seems to be a popular score.

    PS: Patrick, I heard my wife call you back tonight. The call center is active these nights.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sin lugar a dudas !!!!! La mejor eleccion :):) Felicitaciones

  5. The Dealer says:

    Well done lads! It is and has been a real pleasure to run with such fine lads. Keep up the good job (RUN) and keep your feet on the ground. Oh YA love the Attitude these Lads have…..what an attitude (laugh).

  6. The Dealer says:

    Why does my comment have a little saying by it that says “your comment is awaiting MODERATION” whats the big deal? Whats wrong with MY Attitude? You wanted Runner Attitude and now your questioning my attitude. Oh you want Moderation in attitude. I suppose the controller of this site says he has the control to control my attitude. Well I hope HE enjoys his run tomorrow. Good choice on the two runners they do have a good attitude. THE BEST!!

  7. Rainman says:

    I am absolutely speachle…

    Ok I’ll finish what I would like to say and that is…I just can’t find the words. Ok, I’ll stop and start with this…I’m humbled to be along side a man like Layton who, this morning, had no trouble catching up to Dave, Shawn, Hector and me and could still tell a story. He’s amazing. This band of runners is amazing.

    I have never been part of a sports-related award in my life so this means more than I can say. ” ♫ How can I say thanks for the things you have done for me.♪”

  8. Rainman says:

    Just to clarify, “This Band of Runners” refers to the 6AM group.

  9. Skipper says:

    Who are they. I never see them when I run.. When I do they always are walking to their Cars. Granted Tigger is well known around Fredericton, particularly in Spots here and there. WHile the Rainman has been heard howling with the cats in the AM

    Well done Runners,,who is George anyway

  10. Gimli says:

    An award such as this is the least that we can give these fellows….
    Well done…

  11. Johnny O says:

    Joel reminded me on the run on Friday that I would always remain the “Runner of the Month”. This is a comforting thought and I take pride in my accomplishments.

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