Today – I caught a glimpse of it…

As I ran down the 2 final legs of the course today… I think I may have approached this ever-elusive “Runner’s Euphoria” I have heard so much about. As I ran with my fellow 6AMers towards the finish line, with increasing speed… I felt no pain, I felt no resistance, I felt no agony. What a great 30 seconds indeed.

For me running is nearly 100% painful physically, but today I escaped the pain for a brief moment and felt like I was floating along – even though it was just for a brief moment.

If I could find an analogy – it might be like when Luke Skywalker was training to become a Jedi. Yoda was teaching Luke to let go of his feelings and feel the force…. and for a few seconds Luke was able to raise his space-craft out of the swamp – until it came crashing back down. Ahhh – but those few seconds were beautiful.

I hope that one day soon – I will recapture this moment…


2 Responses to Today – I caught a glimpse of it…

  1. runnergeorge says:

    You should have kept on running for another 10 to 15 minutes to really experience the “Runner’s High.” Actually, well done is perhaps the best words for you and to see you actually admit this euphoria is evidence of the continuing effect thereof. Welcome aboard brother.

  2. 6amrunners says:

    Oh boy… what have I done

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