Utopia A Runners Dream

October 13, 2008

by S. Wight

Well I have read it all. Imagine finally experiencing “Runner’s Euphoria”. Let’s see “ I almost felt Like I was floating”. What are we in a Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial? Have you designated yourself as the winged Fairy with running shoes (note to all nothing wrong with that, being A political and all). Euphoria and that lighted feeling generally comes after a brief stop along the trail behind a tree or shrub. Most runners would admit that we all feel a little lighter after that. As for feeling like Luke Skywalker well not really, most would admit to being like well myself but better, because we can concentrate on the run not on what could drop if we exerted ourselves on the run.

Now knee pain, your right there re many causes mainly two joints rubbing against each other in the knee. It can be caused by most anything, but I figure it has to do with moving one leg in front of the other. It does not help that most of us do this nearly every morning without any warm up exercises.

Now for the real article

The Do’s and Don’t of Waking Up at 5 AM to Run… a Spouses Prospective View

Well every morning runner faces this problem so based on a few comments and remarks from my fellow runners about comments from their lovely spouses (really at 5 am in the morning) I have decided to attacked this problem face on. Keeping specifics out so no one will know who the comments are from, I will attempt to solve the problem of Spousal Runner’s Envy

1. Waking up at 5 While sleeping in the same Bed.

This problem has many sub problems associated with it and I will try and resolve them

Many a runner in the group has encountered this problem. Some (not naming anyone, ah Filliter Queen) have even given in to Spousal Pressure (some would say to a Higher Court) and stopped running with the boys. Now others have asserted their manly rights and still run with the group, solving this problem other ways. Poor Fillieter Queen now silently wakes up at 5 and watches he clock while his spouse sleeps quietly beside him.

We have all been there, watching the clock because we chose not to run that morning, but that was our choice, right guys. Typically that alarm goes off, we reach over for the snooze button, waiting that extra five minutes to wake up. Generally two things happen at that point. One we get up or two we get the elbow in the back indicating that if we do not go run, the room while suddenly be coated with a thin layer of frost, soon melted by a real blast of heat. At this point I generally get up. Sometimes though we get those kind words of encouragement, spoken with the soft tone, Oh are you not running this morning. Gimili has stated that a quick exit after those words is highly recommended. Not only do you feel guilty for not running, but remaining in the bed at this point in that uncomfortable silence before the storm is rather unnerving. As Gimili has put it “sometimes the cold morning air is better that the deep freeze one experiences in a warm bed”.

Now all the runners admit there is a easy solution to the 5 am alarm problem. Sleeping in the other bedroom, but then that would indicate where the real power lies in the household.

Problem 2

The grating noise of generated by putting one ones socks

This one puzzles me. The spouse of one of our runners has stated that this is a real issue. It sounds like finger nails being dragged along a blackboard. My question is what socks is he (Tigger) trying to put on. Most my socks only go up to my angles. Putting pantyhose on that early in that day is highly not recommended. Giving Tigger the benefit of the doubt, maybe turning the light on before reaching into a dresser drawer would help. The other suggestion, would be try knee-highs, experience has shown they make less noise. As well shave the legs.

The other solution is to dress in another room. Here you can turn on the light and if required put on that shade of lipstick that will enhance the overall look. Though it is highly recommended not to run with the group on those days. An early morning start is much preferred.

Problem 3

Gurgling Sounds Emanating from Ones Stomach

This is generally followed by the question, “Do I leave now or wait”. If possible go before you leave, it ensures a Lighten run, you get the Luke Skywalker effect. If not now that winter is approaching there is always a tree or bush on the trail. Either way you get that Runner’s Euphoria feeling, right Size 14(PD).

Now That I have covered the first important step in running at 5 AM, hopefully others will join us. So here are the rules just to make sure you know them

1. Assert your manly rights, and get up when the alarm goes off. The snooze button works well, but like delaying getting up, it delays the wrath of the “Sleeping Tiger” beside you
2. Dress in another room.. Especially if you are trying to be fashionable that morning. Knee-highs are better they tend to ”run” (haha) less. Now I forgot to mention what to wear. Most Men wear the Under Armour running gear. One runner showed up with LuLu Lemon running shorts. The manliness of the group is now being questioned, first pantyhose now LuLu Lemon, common on guys.
3. Go to the bathroom before you run, or as it has been said ”Better two in the bush then one in the shorts”
4. have fun


Today – I caught a glimpse of it…

October 6, 2008

As I ran down the 2 final legs of the course today… I think I may have approached this ever-elusive “Runner’s Euphoria” I have heard so much about. As I ran with my fellow 6AMers towards the finish line, with increasing speed… I felt no pain, I felt no resistance, I felt no agony. What a great 30 seconds indeed.

For me running is nearly 100% painful physically, but today I escaped the pain for a brief moment and felt like I was floating along – even though it was just for a brief moment.

If I could find an analogy – it might be like when Luke Skywalker was training to become a Jedi. Yoda was teaching Luke to let go of his feelings and feel the force…. and for a few seconds Luke was able to raise his space-craft out of the swamp – until it came crashing back down. Ahhh – but those few seconds were beautiful.

I hope that one day soon – I will recapture this moment…


October 1, 2008



It has been quite a period of time, well actually, it has been two months since I have had the time to write an article for this most worthy publication.  In any event I am sitting at home with a non-running injury, a tooth extraction to be exact, which has stopped me from running for a short period of time.  So as I reflect upon my situation, I am reminded of the common injuries that runners to which runners are exposed.  I believe that without doubt, the most common injury is related to the knee.  And when you think about it, there is no wonder.  After all, this joint is single-handedly (pardon the mix up in anatomy) responsible to make you move.  So, have you had any issues with your knees?  Do you think it is structural in nature (i.e. related to the skeletal make up of the body) or related to muscles?  It has been my experience over the last number of years that most knee injuries have a muscular component that is initially responsible for the pain in the knee.  So how can you discern this?  In this article I will touch upon the most frequently asked question.


What causes ongoing knee pain?

Knee pain may be age-related. If you are over 40 and have knee pain, one reason to consider is the overall wear and tear on your joints, which is also sometimes referred to as osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis. In younger people, knee pain is commonly caused by trauma or bursitis, usually related to sports or some physical activity.


Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of knee pain and affects many Canadians and more than 16 million Americans. Its is the gradual and painful deterioration of the cartilage in your joints. That cartilage provides a pad between your bones. When it thins, your bones rub against the lining of your joints, which is full of nerves sensitive to pain. Osteoarthritis is more common in people over 40. However, it can strike anyone and often develops earlier in former athletes who suffered knee injuries during their youth. Its early symptoms are pain and stiffness in the morning or after strenuous activity. The morning stiffness usually resolves in less than an hour.


Another disease to be aware of is Rheumatoid Arthritis, an inflammatory disease, triggered by the immune system.   It does not affect the proportionally the same number of Canadians as Osteoarthritis, but it damages the cartilage and joint lining. The damaged tissue releases enzymes that eat into the cartilage, soft tissues, and even bone. No one knows what causes the immune system to begin attacking the body’s joints. The problem tends to strike between the ages of 20 and 45, is more common in women, and usually affects many different joints in the body — not just the knees. Early symptoms are fatigue, flu-like aching, joint pain, and morning stiffness that lasts longer than an hour.


Pseudogout occurs when the body forms calcium crystals that are deposited in joints, typically in the knees and wrists. It usually strikes later in life. It can cause quick, severe pain but can produce long-term pain in about half the people it affects, appearing much like osteoarthritis. Early symptoms are red and swollen joints — painful to touch — and sometimes fever in bad attacks. Treatment usually consists of anti-inflammatory drugs or injections of steroids directly into the joint. 


Bursitis of the knee occurs when the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that serves as a cushion between a bone and soft tissue, such as a tendon — becomes inflamed. It can be caused by extensive kneeling, infection, or an injury to the knee and usually lasts a few weeks. Early symptoms are pain and swelling just below the inside of the knee. Treatment includes stretching and anti-inflammatory drugs, either pills or injection of steroids. Rarely, surgery is needed.


Tendinitis is one of the most mis-diagnosed conditions for runners and falls within the major group of muscular injuries that I mentioned in my opening paragraph.  The tendon that connects the hamstrings in the back of the thigh to the knee can become inflamed and cause pain in the knee area. Treatment includes rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, and physical therapy for stretching and strengthening. Tendinitis requires a doctor’s care because rupture of the inflamed tendon can occur.


Finally, let me speak about Runner’s Knee which is caused by inflammation of the tendons, such as the Iliotibial Band (IT Band).  This symptom often develops when you run, ski, or bicycle too much or incorrectly. Symptoms are pain, and sometimes swelling, at the front of the knee. Ligaments are tough bands of tissue connecting bones in your joints that can be stretched or torn when your knee is twisted or hit. Symptoms are immediate and severe pain. Don’t attempt to walk on the leg until you’ve seen a doctor, but remember that often a massage therapist can offer more assistance in treating this injury that a doctor. 

Presidential Return

October 1, 2008

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Back! Yes that’s right 6AM Runners President Karl Ingersoll made his triumphant returning to running the streets of Fredericton today. Arriving slightly after 5:30 to Queens Square – Ingersoll ran a successful 3 mile route. After the run, we (some of the other 6AM Runners) sat down and talked to Karl about his comeback. Here’s a paraphrased excerpt of that conversation.

Karl: Hey, I ran today
Patrick: really?
Karl: Yep
Patrick: That’s great, how’d it go?
Karl: Much better than I thought – I thought it was going to be awful
Patrick: Well that’s the good thing about having low expectations – you are rarely disappointed.
Stephen: Mmmmmm, good theory – good way to keep yourself happy.
Joel: Karl, did you know that you are one of my favorite people…
Karl: Really?
Stephen: Ahhhhh, so what are we?
Joel: Well, er……
Stephen: Too Late!
Stephen: So the run went ok?
Karl: I was dreading it, but it went fine… i went 3 miles.
Patrick: 3 miles really?
Karl: Yep
Patrick: That’s longer than you planned on going isn’t it?
Karl: Yes, yes…

For the entire fascinating conversation… you must attend coffee at Tim Horton’s at 6:30am