Stephen’s “road” to the Half Marathon

September 25, 2008

As you all know, Tim Hector, Sean and I ran the 1/2 marathon this weekend in Ottawa. The first three did it under 2 hrs and well I finished in 2 hrs 39 minutes. But that not what I want to tell you about. Let me tell the true story of the journey to the Capitol

We left late Thursday, and headed West. Like all good pilgrims we had packed the van with food and supplies. Plus Hector brought along a box, tightly sealed ready to be mailed. The question the other occupants had was why wait to mail it in Montreal. It looked suspicious and small white smoke floated in the air after you tapped. Tim became suspicious that he was going to meet another of Hector’s South American friends in another garage.

Pink became the colour of choice for the Van’s occupants. As we stopped at many gas stations of Hector’s choosing we began to discover a reoccurring theme. Simply put, one of us opened the door and Hector bolted towards the Belt and hat rack and started arranging the stock. Imagine being the gas attendant and seeing a Hugh guy holding the door while a foreigner ran to the belt rack followed by two confused individuals.

The story goes on but here are some quotable sayings from the trip

Tim to hector

No Hector that’s not an Immigration Station it’s a migration station

Sports Check Sale Clerk to the group after looking at us

Have you “trained : for the run…pause really

Runner to Steve at the 15 km mark Sunday after running behind him for a while and then passing him

How much do you weight?

I nearly stopped right there.

At another Sports Store

Time and I were looking at running clothes and the Clerk was explaining how the garment worked in the wind. He stopped and looked at me and said

“t does not work if your standing still” then in an attempt to dig himself out of the hole he dug he quickly said to me, ” I had an uncle who runs in Marathon’s in the Clydesdale division”.

I did not buy the item and We went home after that


Climbing the Google “charts”….

September 21, 2008

And now…. 6AMRunners are nearing the top of the Google rankings for important running related searches! See below…

6AM Runners Site tops Yahoo….

September 17, 2008

When people search for “Fredericton Running Group” on Yahoo, here’s what they find: