6AM Runners Promotional Video

Have you been trying to recruit someone to join the 6AM Runners? Well good news…. we’ve put together a promotional video you can share – to help. Enjoy:


10 Responses to 6AM Runners Promotional Video

  1. George says:

    This is SUPERB. What makes it great is that I have remained totally anonymous. Well done Pat.

  2. 6amrunners says:

    Glad you liked it George. We need pictures of you… how have you managed to avoid the cameras so well!

  3. Gimli says:

    How do I contact the first two groups listed in this video???

  4. Joel says:

    Great job Pat! Of course there were no copyright violations in the making of that little clip right? I’ll have a smile for the rest of the day after seeing that.

  5. 6amrunners says:

    NO problem Joel – don’t worry…. Celine didn’t want to sign off on it at first, but I eventually won her over….

  6. che says:

    Patrick .sin dudas your best job, you are the man :):) Felicitaciones :):)

  7. The Ozone says:

    Hey Pat!
    Great promo for our club! I liked it and wonder how I can transport it to my facebook. You know what happens when Gimli gets excited. We may need to fashion a manzer for you!!! It is not your back you have to worry about!!!

    The Ozone

  8. runnerkarl says:

    Wow – that is an awesome representation of this group Pat . . . . are we really like that? Are other people going to watch this . . . could I lose my credentials? Ahhhh . . . .who cares?


  9. Pat says:

    I’ll try and post the video to our Facebook Group Ozone….. That way we can share easily with our Facebook friends.

    Karl, your credentials? Don’t worry I think your Presidency is safe 🙂 Or is that what your worried about …. lol

  10. Gimli says:

    Hey Ozone..
    I feel like a “twister” might strike the running group at any moment ..

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