Best Excuse Yet

Sleepy season was a good one.  You get over tired . . . don’t hear the alarm . . . early morning appointment.  It’s a bio-rhtyhmic thing.  As most of you know, I even tried sleeping with an Iron Man watch hanging out of my mouth so that I wouldn’t miss the alarm.  (Absolutely true!  Ask the Tin Man or Tigger)  They questioned me on it, over coffee, one morning.  My response was stupid by any standard.  “Oh, don’t try to tell me that you guys have never done that!”  Needless to say, this was a mistake and I have never heard the end of it.  But that’s the nature of the group.  So now I have the best excuse yet.  I had laser surgery and a “cryo” procedure on two retinal tears in my right eye.  The doctor tells me that I can’t run for at least a month.  So I have been sleeping in . . . coffee only twice  this past week.  Now I know that my friends are incredibly concerned for my well-being but I also know that sooner or later a runner has to face the music and I have to confess that I am not all that excited about the possibility.  I did compile a list . . . top ten good things about not being able to see that well.  Let me share it with you:


  1. No more bad-hair days.
  2. Justification for a bigger, big-screen TV.
  3. You get to ignore people that you don’t like.  You can walk right past them and never speak.
  4. You get to ignore the offering plate in church.
  5. No more ugly people.
  6. No more beautiful people.
  7. You get to see things that other people can’t see.
  8. You get to “not see” things that other people see.
  9. Easier to resist sexual temptation.
  10. The Word is a “light” unto my path and a “lamp” unto my feet.

Now I want you to know that I will be back, slower than ever, sometime in September if the good Lord is willing.  I miss you guys like crazy.




3 Responses to Best Excuse Yet

  1. Pat says:

    I hope SLOWER Karl….. Everyone that use to run in my “class” has graduated, and now it is a struggle to keep up.

  2. Gimli says:

    Miss ya buddy !!!

  3. skipper says:

    Slower, then me, that means you will be using a white cane and going backwards

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