Aqua Jogging

For those of you who have cottages on a lake or river, or who are fortunate to have swimming pools, or who have access to either, let me make a recommendation that will challenge you.  Aqua-jogging is a wonderful relief from running in general and particularly so if you are injured.  The reason is that it removes the impact on the body resulting from the repetition of the foot strike.  If you do go out and purchase an Aqua-jogging belt (from Tri-athlete World, Radical Edge or Runners Room) it will come with some basic instructions, but knowing that each of you are up for a real challenge I am adding a series of exercises developed by a very close friend of mine. So the next time you are lazing about the cottage or the pool follow these and see what names you might want to call me.


Developed by Daryl Steeves

Amended by George Filliter, July 16, 2008


1.             Warm up by simple Aqua Jogging for 5 minutes

2.             Shoulders Out: Point Toes to Bottom and with legs straight kick fast and get shoulders out of water.  Hands are used to assist in this exercise.  Six- eight repeats of 30-60 seconds with a 30-60 second break. Exercises Quads and Abducters.

3.             Cool down of 3-5 minutes.

4.             High Knees: Six – eight repeats of high knee strides lasting 30-60 seconds with a 30-60 second break. Exercises Quads and Gluts, and stretches hamstrings.

5.             Cool down of 3-5 minutes.

6.             Cross Overs: With toes pointed straight to the bottom do six to eight repeats of 30-60 seconds where you quickly cross over your legs, with 30-60 second breaks in between.  Exercises inner and outer thigh.

7.             Cool down of 3-5 minutes.

8.             Heel Lifts: Keeping your knee pointed to the bottom, quickly bring your heel up to your butt in quick motion.  Hands should be out in front to maintain balance.  Six to eight repeats of 30-60 seconds with breaks of 30-60 seconds.   Exercises hamstring muscles and gluts.

9.             Cool down for 3-5 minutes.

10.          Hands Out:  Same exercise as #2 but with hands out of the water.  Again six to eight repeats of 30-60 seconds with a 30-60 second break.  Exercises quads and abducters.

11.          Cool down 3-5 minutes.

12.          Suntan/Superman: Laying on your belly in Superman pose bring your knees to your chest and roll back to sun tan position.  Strengthens core muscles.

13.          Angular Running:  Leaning to one side run for 3-5 minutes and then lean to the other side.  Again core muscle training.

14.          Cool down by a 3-5 minute jog.


3 Responses to Aqua Jogging

  1. Pat says:

    I felt like i was running through water this morning…. does that count?

  2. sohair el attar says:

    What is the calories loss while aqua jogging with feet accessories and belt thank you

  3. George F. says:

    I am not certain that any studies have been completed with respect to calorie loss with or without foot and hand accessories so I am not able to answer the question with any clarity. That said, the accessories do add an element of resistance that will increase workload and thus caloric burn, but the extent thereof is unknown to me. Another aspect that relates to caloric burn is the temperature of the water that is, in the summer at least, usually less than the air.

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