Why I run…

So why do I run you ask?  (some might say I don’t, but I am planning my return)

Running makes me feel good?  No.

I feel great after the run then?  No-again.

It wakes me up?  Strike 3.

Enlightenment?  Please…

No, I run because it’s fun.  Not the running, but the goofy guys I run with.  I feel pulled along with the pack of runners because of the ridiculous stories and anecdotes.   Many-a-time that my fellow runner (Gimli) has stretched a 10 second sentence into a full length audio-book.  Although his stories have no plot or point – they do take my mind off the pain of each step.

Listening to debates over global warming, and other hot issues (no-pun intended, ok maybe it was) make each step a little lighter, each mile a little shorter, and every stride a little easier.

I remember how I used to drive by runners early in the morning – and say those people are crazy!  Little did I know just how right I was.


One Response to Why I run…

  1. runnerkarl says:

    I defer to the profound simplicity of 14. Works for me.

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